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Throughout the industry, Healthways WholeHealth Networks is recognized for its talented and dedicated healthcare professionals. In an effort to reduce the time our providers spend on paperwork and speed up the credentialing process Healthways WholeHealth Networks and Medversant have partnered to offer this online portal to make your life easier. So let’s get started!

Getting Started

  • 1.  Register for a ProviderSource™ account by clicking the login button and completing the registration process. If you have an invitation code, please make sure to include it in your registration information.
  • 2.  Choose to complete the application yourself or delegate completion rights to your Account Manager who will also need to register for a ProviderSource™ account (typically an Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, etc.).
  • 3.  Enter your credentialing data in the guided provider application, including scanning and uploading all necessary supporting documents. Please note: the system will allow you to save your work at any time and return to it later.
  • 4.  Complete, electronically sign/attest and submit your application through ProviderSource™. Once your application is reviewed, Healthways WholeHealth Networks will notify you in writing of the Credentialing Committee’s decision.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the credentialing process, please Contact Us.

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